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Initial Consultation

Before there is a decision to enter treatment together I offer what I call an Initial Assessment.  This is usually completed in 1-2 sessions. It is a way of coming to a mutual agreement about working together, about where we are going, and the best vehicle for getting there. 

I'd hope to cover:

  • Any understanding you have about the distress that brings you and thoughts you might have about its beginnings.
  • How is it effecting you at the level of thought, feeling and behavior in regards to yourself? With others?
  • What has happened in the past as you've tried to deal with this?
  • What kind of change are you seeking?
    Anything else you feel it is important for me to know.

At some point during this time, I will:

  • Offer you a summary of what I have come to understand about your distress.
  • Tell you whether I believe I can be of help (and, if not, who or what might be).
  • Discuss with you options for how we might proceed in terms of frequency and length of treatment.
  • Consider what the consequences might be if you did nothing, and share those with you if I thought it useful.

“ My goal is less ‘explanation’ than appreciation and the growth personal encounter brings.
—Michael Eigen