Francie Powell
Photo by Terace Yeatts


Welcome to my website. I have created it as a way to introduce you to my training and some of the thinking I have been developing while providing individual psychotherapy and counseling to adults in my private practice since 1990.

Interest in personal responses to the frustrations, confusions, mysteries, successes and traumas of life is the stuff of good books, movies, music, poetry and art. To lend similar value and attention to what happens when we respond to the same is infinitely harder, but so much more important.

Therapy brings a kind of shared attention to the personal story each of us has developed in our attempts to face life’s inevitable complexities. The quality of attention and acknowledgement that is unique to the therapeutic relationship can go a long way towards challenging our natural tendencies to hide, fight, deny or minimize what is really troubling or delighting us. This carries its own reward, most especially when facing things we cannot change, or control.

I bring dedication, training and the capacity to enjoy an occasional and respectful chuckle to this work, which to me, is less about “fixing” pain and more about how it can be “transformed” and transforming.

‘The main thing is to be moved, to love,
to hope, to tremble, and to live’
—Auguste Rodin